Friday, February 21, 2014

Alpine Tip 7: Have packing list

Ever forgotten  a memory card for your camera or another, more important thing or two for a hike? Here is how to avoid embarrassment and hatred from your buddies for ruining their fun.

1. Have packing list.
2. Pre-pack - lay all things from the list on one spot.3. Final Pack - Touch Check: physically touch all things from the list.
4. After each trip update the list - remove things not needed. Add items you missed. After 10 trips or so you will become a pro packing in no-time.

Proper packing list process ensures you won't have surprise at the trailhed realizing  that you forgot your lunch, trekking poles, sun glasses, credit card / cash to pay for gas, hiking boots, helmet, crampons ( all that actually did happen to some people at some point in the past ).

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