Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crown N1

Climbed Crown N1 (= Godmother Peak) via South Ridge from Spindle Peak col. NTD except short steep and partially exposed step right at the col. Very stable but warm and wet snow later in the day was source of concern. Nothing moved though as it seems all snow avalanche violence occurred the day before. Fantastic views from the summit and great outing.

Start elevation: 1,070 m
Summit elevation: 1,408 m
Distance, return: 12.4 km
Elevation Gain: 2,024 m
*this route is not in any books, nor can be found by search engines. Previous attempt, almost exactly 1 year ago from different start location here:

Snow temp: -0.2C
Time, round trip: 11h33m 

Trip Report Here:

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mount Harvey (1,652m)

Sunday 2014 Mar-09

Time, to summit: 3H06m
Time, return: 3H10m
Air Temp @ summit: 2.4C
Snow Surface Temp @ summit: -0.1C
Crampons on @ 950 m
Snowshoes on @ 1,183 m

Distance: 2 x 5.20 km
Start Elevation: 245m
Summit Elevation: 1,656 m
Elevation Gain: 1,485 m

Forecast was 97% of horrible 100mm rain warning.
Instead, the other 3% happened: blue skies + fresh white snow + 0 wind.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crown Couloir - ideal trip

Climbed Crown Couloir in ideal conditions.

Trip statistics
Date: 2014 March-01
Total Time: 11h09 min
Snow surface temp: -3C
Wind: 0km/h

30m 8mm dynamic rope
2 short snow pickets
Ice tools
Snow shoes - never  used

Route Statistics
Approach, from Chalet to base: 4.6 km
Base: coordinates: N49.40987 W123.08265, elevation 985m
Exit: coordinates: N49.40903 W123.09199 , elevation 1450m
Route elevation gain:  465m
Return, from Exit to Chalet via tourist route 4.6km