Friday, April 11, 2014

0C Sleeping Bag with 4x Zippo warmers : good for as low as -6C

Spent night at -3C with 4x Zippo warmers - acceptable
Woolen socks + booties
Middle layer + convertible pants (no gortex pants)
Gortex Jacket on top of Fleece. : no down jacket

Places 2 zippo in the back pockets of the pants + 2 more in the fleece jacket pockets

Wearing Gore-Tex  pants will do it as low as -6C

Monday, April 7, 2014

BCMC Trail + Dam + Thunderbird Ridge

Fantastic half-day hike.

Distance: 8.7km
Elev.gain:  1,278 m
Elev. drop: 500m

Date: 04/06/2014
Time: 4h15m
Snow surface: -0.2C
Soft snow, lots of snow moving on the south side of Goat
Warm day, cloudy, fog

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